ProLinks #8

5 rules of programming, universal basic income or how EU build a wall that Trump can be envious of. Enjoy!


Why Concerns About Net Neutrality Are Overblown - Critics worry that getting rid of neutrality regulation will lead to a “two-tier” internet: Internet service providers will start charging fees to websites and apps, and slow down or block the sites that don’t pay up.

The role of software in spacecraft accidents - Following on from yesterday’s look at safety in AI systems, I thought it would make an interesting pairing to follow up with this 2004 paper from Nancy Leveson studying spacecraft accidents.

Rob Pike's 5 Rules of Programming - Rob Pike, is now a Distinguished Engineer at Google co-authoring Go programming language, apart from other things. Prior to this stint, he worked at Bell Labs as a core member of the Unix Team.

Netflix Is Not Going to Kill Piracy, Research Suggests - Netflix and other on-demand streaming services barely help to curtail piracy, new research shows.


Universal Basic Income Explained – Free Money for Everybody? UBI

Stop obsessing over George Soros and the Koch brothers - In some conservative quarters, there exists an unhealthy, conspiratorial obsession with the billionaire-philanthropist George Soros and his supposed political machinations.

A Voice of Hate in America’s Heartland - Ms. Hovater, 25, was worried about Antifa bashing up the ceremony. Weddings are hard enough to plan for when your fiancĂ© is not an avowed white nationalist.

Is It Ever OK for Journalists to Lie? - In the most famous journalistic sting of the past half-century, the Chicago Sun-Times purchased a bar in downtown Chicago, renamed it the Mirage Tavern, and turned it over to reporters to run as a “honey-pot” for crooked city and state inspectors seeking payoffs.


Europe’s most fortified border is in Africa

Saudi Prince Plans a 'City of the Future.' Don't Bet on It - From time immemorial, rulers have built new cities to satisfy everything from security to vanity.

India's Geography Problem


Why Pets Have Surprisingly Small Brains


How this legendary hip-hop producer humanized a machine


World War Management 101

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